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Monday, October 23, 2006

Taking a break from being scared...

To play some games! There are a ton of great games coming out this month... on nearly every platform, for that matter. Jenny and I do spend most of our time on our PSPs, though; it's just handy to be able to play games while we're sitting on the bus, in class (three cheers for a college education!) or whatever. And the PSP is getting sooooo many good games in the next little while. You've got you steal-cars-and-be-a-gangster games, your navy seals games and the waste-time-playing-little-mini-games games. But me, I'm an RPG girl, so Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony has me as excited as an ogre at the dermatologist. It looks like it'll be a really good action-RPG. The previews I've seen have all been positive. From the GameSpot preview (in August, no less, so you know the team has done some work since then):
Since the primary action in the game is hacking-and-slashing, it's encouraging that the game looks so good at this point. Particularly impressive are the smooth visuals and animation, especially as your character romps along the countryside. And, in some cases, the PSP version has better lighting effects than those seen in the PC version. 2K senses that there's an opening in the action role-playing genre on the PSP, and from what we've seen, Throne of Agony could fill that gap quite nicely.

Sounds good to me! EB says it's shipping on October 30. If I run into you on the street and you have it, let's play! :)

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