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Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm not just paranoid, right?

Since the shadow incident, I've been a little on edge... maybe it's driven me to chronic paranoia. I was at the laundromat, waiting for my laundry and playing around on my PSP... everything's going fine, the time's flying, my clothes are getting dry... and then the PSP shuts down and the dryer stops. Fine. We got hit by an EMP or something. So I figure since my clothes are close enough to being dry, I'd just take them out and go home.

But nooooo... that can't possibly be the end of it. I found a note in my jeans that simply says "meet me in the broken lands." Now... while Jenny and I did hit the clubs on the weekend... I'm pretty sure I'd remember getting this thing. I'm going to get Jenny to come over so she can take a picture.

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